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The Original Irish Cider

Made with 17 varieties of apples from over 100 Irish apple farmers, to the same recipe, since 1935 in Clonmel, County Tipperary.

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It started in 1935…

William Magner started making worldʼs finest Irish cider at Dowdʼs Lane, Clonmel, with a cider press and a dozen oak barrels. Magnerʼs cider-making was so successful it soon began to grow and grow, providing jobs for many of the locals in the town.

Soon Williamʼs cider became so popular he went in search of some extra help so he could expand his business even further. H.P Bulmer of Hereford, England were large producers of cider looking to expand into Ireland and so William Magner joined forces with H.P Bulmers. This joint venture meant that Magner could produce and sell Bulmers Woodpecker Cider in Ireland (avoiding heavy import taxes) thus financing the production and distribution of Williamʼs very own sparkling cider in bottles. The Magners-Bulmers partnership flourished and so William Magner sold his cider in Ireland under the Bulmers trademark.

But as time passed the two cider makers went their separate ways. It was agreed that William could continue to sell his great tasting cider in Ireland, under the Bulmers name. By 1999 though, Williamʼs ʻBulmersʼ cider had become so popular that his dedicated successors wanted to share it across the world. However W.M. Magners Ltd couldnʼt use the Bulmers name outside Ireland, so they used Williamʼs name instead, and thatʼs why itʼs called Magners Original Irish Cider outside of Ireland

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