Lisbon Lions Limited Edition Pack

Demand From Fans Sees Limited Edition Lisbon Lions Pack Return

Following the sell out of initial stocks in under two weeks, Magners Irish Cider is releasing more limited edition 1967 Lisbon Lions packs to meet the phenomenal demand that continues after the 50th anniversary celebrations and the culmination of a treble winning season for Celtic.

The limited edition packs carry the iconic image of the Celtic team taking to the pitch ahead of their historic 1967 victory, with each bottle label carrying the names of the legendary players who made history in the heat of Lisbon.

Sales of the special packs raised £19,670 for the Celtic FC Foundation. A donation of £10 from each of the first 1,967 packs was made to employability programs that help long-term unemployed people get back into work.

The packs will again be stocked in the Celtic Superstore at Celtic Park and at Celtic supporter’s clubs, bars and venues across Scotland and online via Flavourly.

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